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Distribution Resource Planning

Act 17-2019 establishes Puerto Rico’s new energy public policy. Based on the need to establish a process for the development and approval of long-term integrated planning of the Island’s distribution resources, the Energy Bureau of the Public Service Regulatory Board determined it convenient to begin a formal regulatory process for these purposes. 

As a prelude to the beginning of the formal regulatory process, the Energy Bureau will gather input from different interest groups in the energy sector prior to the publication of a draft proposal for regulation through Stakeholder Workshops.

Below you can find documents related to the Stakeholder Workshops:

  • Agenda – August 16, 2019. (press here)
  • Materials presented during the August 16, 2019 Workshop. (press here)
  • Agenda – September 13, 2019 (press here)
  • Materials presented during the September 13, 2019 Workshop. (press here)
  • Agenda – October 11, 2019 (press here)
  • Materials presented during the October 11, 2019 Workshop. (press here)
  • Agenda – November 7, 2019, Electric Resiliency Working Group. (press here)
  • Agenda – November 8, 2019, Hosting Capacity Working Group. (press here)
Relevant Documents on Distribution Resource Planning




Distribution 101

Covers fundamentals of AC power, smart grids, grid components and emerging grid technologies.

Press here.

Utility Distribution Planning 101

Describes the electric utility’s distribution system planning process.

Press here.

Modern Distribution Grid Volume III: Decision Guide

Presents considerations for the rational implementation of advanced distribution system functionality.

Press here.

DSPx: Planning for a Modern Grid

Describes the need for and linkages between integrated planning and grid modernization.

Press here.

Distribution System Planning – State Examples by Topic

Summarizes approaches or elements of electric distribution system planning that states have adopted in the context of grid modernization and higher DER penetration.

Press here.

Integrated Distribution Planning

Paper developed to support the inquiry of Minnesota PUC into grid modernization and the evolution of distribution planning.

Press here.

PUC Distribution Planning Practices

Describes the approaches taken by diverse states in grid planning and integrated distribution system planning.

Press here.

Walk-through of long-term utility distribution plans: Part 1 – Traditional Distribution Planning and Enhanced Analysis

Provides examples of utility distribution planning activities using Xcel Energy’s Integrated Distribution Plan (2019 – 2028) as an example

Press here.

Distribution Systems in a High Distributed Energy Resources Future: Planning, Market Design, Operation and Oversight

Offers a framework to consider DER growth and address its impacts in a logical sequence in order to guide distribution system evolution.

Press here.