The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) is the independent and specialized body created by Act 57-2014, responsible for regulating, monitoring and enforcing the energy public policy of the Government of Puerto Rico. As a result, it delegated to the PREB the jurisdiction to attend cases and disputes and conduct adjudicative procedures related to the Island’s electricity service, and to its Commissioners the power to formulate and adopt the rules governing the internal work, operation and administration of the PREB.

To this end, through its Clerk’s Office, the Energy Bureau is fulfilling the duties and responsibilities detailed below to promote transparency, efficiency and timeliness in processing the cases and services.

  • Citizen Service: General guidance to the Citizenship on the Energy Bureau’s services and procedures and attention to public information.
  • Case Management: Filing of documents, registration and allocation, dockets creation and preservation, reporting and publication of findings and issuing of subpoenas.
  • Document Management: Custody, conservation and disposal of documents.
  • Mail: Receipt, registration, distribution and dispatch of correspondence.

File Complaints

To file complaints, pleadings or motions before the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau, access the quick guidelines in our Publications page for the presentation or filing of claims before the PREB for a natural person or certified electric power company. For more information, examine the relevant provisions of the Regulation on Adjucation, Notice of Noncompliance, Rate Review and Investigation Procedures, and present the pertinent documents in the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau Clerk’s Office.


For comments, in relation to any regulation of the PREB, complete the form below and, if desired, attach a document in PDF format. Just as well, you can send an email to

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