Integrated Resource Plan

Integrated Resource Plan

Act 57-2014, as amended, known as the Puerto Rico Energy Transformation and RELIEF Act, requires the Energy Bureau of the Public Service Regulatory Board the adoption of the necessary rules for the elaboration, presentation, evaluation, and approval of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s (PREPA’s) Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

The IRP, is a plan developed by PREPA comprising a specific period of time, focused on ensuring the development of the electric power system in Puerto Rico, as well as reliability improvement, efficiency and transparency of the system. In this case, the IRP plan will take into account all the reasonable resources to satisfy the demand for electric power services during a twenty (20)-year period.

In evaluating this planning environment is detailed assessment of a variety of certain possible scenarios, which take into account present information available of the electric power system, such as generation and demand resources, current investments in electric conservation technology and existing transmission and distribution facilities, among others.

Moreover, in the discussion of possible scenarios are future load forecasts for different years, as well as the necessary improvements to the fleet generation and the electric power system to make it efficient and reliable. During the evaluation of the IRP, it is required that this be in harmony with the best practices of the electric power industry. Finally, as the planning period elapses, the IRP will continue its evolution by being updated in accordance with the implemented decisions, the results obtained and the needs that arise in the power system as well as the demand for energy services.

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