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Public Policy on Energy Efficiency

The Energy Bureau of the Puerto Rico Public Service Regulatory Board (“Energy Bureau”) initiated a series of Stakeholder Workshops with the objective of exploring viable mechanisms to sustainably fund the implementation of energy efficiency programs. The above with the purpose of allowing the timely fulfillment of the current statutory mandate, pursuant Act 57-2014, Puerto Rico Energy Transformation and RELIEF Act, as amended, and Act 17-2019, Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act, of 30% Energy Efficiency by 2040.


Below you can find documents related to the Stakeholder Workshops:

  • Agenda – December 6, 2019. (press here)
  • Materials presented during the December 6, 2019 Workshop. (press here)
  • Agenda – January 24, 2020. (press here)
  • Materials presented during the January 24, 2020 Workshop. (press here)
  • Agenda – February 21, 2020. (press here)
  • Materials presented during the February 21, 2020 Workshop. (press here)