Expediente: NEPR-MI-2021-0012
In Re: Review of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority's Hydroelectric Study
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Motion to Submit Presentation in Compliance with the July 23 2021 Order Subject: Presentation to be offered during the August 23, 2021 Virtual Technical Conference 19/agosto/2021 2021/08/19 File
Motion in Compliance with Order Entered on July 23,2021 Subject: Motion in  Compliance; Feasibility Study for Improvements to Hydroelectrical System 29/julio/2021 2021/07/29 File
Resolution and Order Subject: Technical Conference and Determination of Confidential Designation 23/julio/2021 2021/07/23 File
Motion to Submit Final Hydro Study and June 2021 Monthly Status Report and Request for Confidentiality Designation Subject: Hydroelectric Study Memorandum for Confidentiality 30/junio/2021 2021/06/30 File