Notice About Proposed Regulation Adoption – Demand Response

August 12, 2020
Notice About Proposed Adopt the Regulation for the Evaluation and Approval of Agreements between Electric Service Companies
October 20, 2020

Regulation for Demand Response


The Energy Bureau of the Puerto Rico Public Service Regulatory Board (“Energy Bureau”), pursuant Act 57-2014, as amended, known as Puerto Rico Energy Transformation and RELIEF Act, Act 17-2019, known as Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act, and Act 38-2017, as amended, known as the Uniform Administrative Procedure Act of the Government of Puerto Rico, proposes to adopt the Regulation for Demand Response (“Regulation”).


The purpose of this regulation is to establish the guidelines for demand response programs and to require electric power service companies to submit their proposals demand response programs in accordance with established regulations. Demand response programs can be used as a resource to reduce system costs. Specifically, responding to demand can help reduce the cost of capacity, power, and other energy services for all customers, while increasing system flexibility and enabling better integration of renewable resources. Customers who participate in demand response programs will benefit from opportunities to reduce their energy costs through better management of their use.


The text of the proposed Regulation is available for public scrutiny at the Energy Bureau’s Clerk’s Office at World Plaza Building, 268 Muñoz Rivera Ave., Plaza Level Suite 202, San Juan, PR 00918.  The working hours of the Energy Bureau are from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., on business days. The Proposed Regulation will also be published along this Notice on the Energy Bureau’s Internet website,


During thirty (30) days, starting from the publication date of this notice, any interested person shall be able to submit comments in writing or request a public hearing about the Regulation. When requesting a public hearing, the petition shall include the justifications to grant such hearing. Comments and/or petitions for a public hearing must be addressed to the attention of Edison Avilés Deliz, Chairman, and shall be filed by: (i) electronic mail at:; (ii) by the Energy Bureaus electronic filing too at httsps://; (iii) by postal mail addressed to the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau’s Clerk’s Office at World Plaza Building, 268 Muñoz Rivera Ave., Plaza Level Suite 202, San Juan, PR 00918; or (iv) in person at the Energy Bureau’s Clerk’s Office, located at the address above.


Case No. OCE-SA-2020-969

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